Technology, deontological rules and possibile relationships

Posted on 26/03/2014
pcAn important news in the Italian Justice scenario: at the end of June, the Electronic Civil Process (also called PCT) will debut officially. In a few words, it consists in a new way to interact with the courts and judges. No more paper, no more stores files before the registries, each document sent to court or by these received must be in digital format.
If the outlook is certainly optimistic, just do a quick search on the web to realize that lawyers, – certainly not all, but for sure a good chunk -, is not yet ready for the appointment in June.
And what will be the impact of these innovations on the concrete application of the deontological rules? We are convinced that this is a really important question, especially for the day-to-day work of the lawyer!

For these reasons, continuing the fruitful and consolidated collaboration with the University of Brescia, we are organizing for the end of this yeara new Conference right on the above issues.

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