Taxes and real estate

Posted on 30/04/2013

RealtaxesTaxation is one of the main problem of every real estate transactions: the application or disapplication of a tax to a real estate purchase can make any deal advantageous or disadvantageous.

If you are thinking about getting into the real estate business there are a multitude of issues that you need to consider, but, without any doubt, the most important is taxes.
Real estate have always been the object of interest by governments who want to earn money. Due to the economical crisis, at the moment it can be very difficult to predict how real estate taxation system will be changed for contrast this crisis situation.

Every country is trying to find out the best solutions to satisfy the best solutions to suit its own interests and those of their citizens. But it’s a hard life! England is addressing this issue in these months (read here).

What is sure is that before closing a real estate deal is important to evaluate every point of the investment, in particular if you’re purchasing in a foreign country.