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Buying a Property in Italy? with Rent-to-Buy it’s easier!

28/01/2015 - News, Real Estate

Rent-to-Buy is a particular kind of contract, introduced by D.L. 133/2014 (also known as “Sblocca Italia decree”), that in the aim of the Italian Government could have a direct and positive impact in the real estate market. Rent-to-Buy, that is not so different from Lease to Own contract, is a hybrid contract, halfway between sale and lease.

Renting or buying a home? This is the question

24/11/2014 - News, Real Estate

Is it better to rent or buy a home? During last years, the economical crisis has completely changed the real estate scenario, so the answer at that question must consider these aspects, that are obviously important, but maybe not decisive for the choise. First of all…

Italian taxation of land property purchases after D.L. 104/2013

9/01/2014 - Publications, Real Estate

The Italian taxation law on land transactions has recently been reformed: the D.L. 104/2013 modifies the rates which applies, for example, to the purchase of residential houses. In order to calculate the amount of the taxes it is necessary to understand if the seller is an individual or a company…

Security deposits in Italian rentals

2/05/2013 - Publications, Real Estate

Every single agreement has rights and obligations of which both parties must be aware of. Talking about rentals of Italian houses, we have the same situation.
In order to estabilish tenant’s responsibilities to the to the landlord and to other tenants, and vice-versa, landlord obligations and rights, we must consider that tenancy in Italy is…