Lawyers and Italian market

Posted on 24/04/2013

Too many lawyers for Italian market? This is a good and unsolved question.
It’s a long time we read about the Italian legal system reform, but only a few months ago was approved the law n. 247/2012 (called “Nuova disciplina dell’ordinamento della professione forense”).

Among other, the intentions of this law are to establish stiffer entry rules to become a lawyer and to give lawyers the possibility of obtaining a specialist qualification in certain subject, attending specific courses that will be organized in the coming months.
Specialization could be a good solution for Italian legal market but probably it’s not enough!

The problem seems to be the same in USA, where “law schools have spewed forth more graduates than the legal market can absorb, resulting in rising unemployment among young lawyers”.

This is what can be read in an interesting article titled “The Real Problem With Law Schools”, written by Eric Posner on Slate magazine (

What’s you opinion about that?