Considerations for international clients who intend to buy a home in Italy

Posted on 30/04/2013

DrawingAccording to the most recent survey conducted by Scenari Immobiliari, ad independent research institute, during last year about 4600 families invested in Italian residential real estate, with an increased value of about 53% compared to.
That survey also finds that the top international buyers were from Germany, England and the United Kingdom, even if more and more purchasers are coming from Russia.
Homes are bought in Italy especially for investment or vacation-use, and in particular in some areas (Puglia, Toscana, Marche, or near great lakes, e.g. Garda lake).
Many international clients are not aware of what kind of Italian estate taxes an Italian home triggers!
Buying an Italian home involves many competing objectives, and it needs a an interdisciplinary approach to estabilish what’s the right deal.