Buy to rent: everything you need to know about…

Posted on 30/04/2013

HouseDue to the economical crisis, Europe is living hard times, and one of the sector of the economy that suffers in a higher way is, without any doubt, real estate.
Just a few years ago, selling houses was pretty and doesn’t require much time. Now times have changed.

This situation has led many real estate operator to try to find alternative solutions, especially starting from existing contracts.

One of these solutions is the type of contract called “buy to rent”.

How it operates?

The seller immediately transfers the ownership of the house, in exchange for receiving a downpayment and deposit and a monthly fee.

This solution has many advantages and disadvantages, for both parties.

The owner may be able to sell in a short time, but we must consider that in practice it may not be possible for the buyer to complete the purchase, for example, because of lack of funds.
On the other side, the buyer (this advantages are really self-evident…!) can buy a house without needing a mortgage.