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Are you ready for selling online in Italy?

14/05/2014 - News, Publications

The Italian D.Lgs 21/2014, that has receipted in Italy the Consumer Rights Directive, introduces new specifical rules for distance and off premises contracts. These changes shall apply, under the conditions and to the extent set out in its provisions, to any contract concluded between a trader and a consumer…

Minor, Damages, Responsibilities – Reggio Emilia, 6.6.2014

21/04/2014 - Events, News

Titled “Minor, Damages, Responsibilities – Relationships as a yardstick“, this important conference co-organized by “Personaedanno” and “Reggio Children” will take place at the headquarters of “Reggio Children” association (located in Via Bligny n. 1/a)  on June 6, 2014 at 9 am.

Technology, deontological rules and possibile relationships

26/03/2014 - Events, News

What will be the impact of the Electronic Civil Process (also called PCT) in the Italian Justice scenario? and which consequences will it have on the application of the deontological rules for laywers?
These are really important question, and for these reasons, we are organizing for the end of May a new conference…

Inheritance, what’s new in Italian law?

12/02/2014 - News

An important reform in Italian Law! the discriminating treatment among legitimate, illegitimate and adopted sons has now ceased, thanks to the D.Lgs. 154/2013, by which children born in and outside the marriage, as well as the adopted ones, are equalized.

“Reforming labor markets” by Elsa Fornero

7/01/2014 - Events, News

We would like to share with you this interesting article written by Prof. Elsa Fornero, Former Minister of Labour, Social Policies and Equal Opportunities of Italy, who recently attended the conference on Labor Law Reform organized by Studio Legale Magri.

Our plans for 2014

2/01/2014 - Events, News

What are we working on for 2014? We are planning many activities. We are going to organize a new series of lectures to examine closely very topical subjects, with a special format which…